February 26, 2011: Home with Oreo

It is really hard to believe that yesterday was my birthday.  Except for the early morning barrage of well wishes on FaceBook it pretty much passed without any thought.  I am thirty five now but I kind of feel like I have been thirty five for a while so I don’t really feel that age hit me at all.  Thirty five seems like a major milestone but it doesn’t feel that way while it is happening.

This morning I got up and got to work shampooing the rugs in the living room with the Rug Doctor that we are renting.  We were low on shampoo for it and we didn’t want to deal with moving lots of furniture so I just did the exposed high traffic areas.  We could have done more but there are just boxes and boxes of stuff sitting all over the place and getting around them is pretty much impossible at this point.

The Rug Doctor appears to have done an excellent job on our floors which were very stained previously.  It will take a day or two before we have a really good feel for how it did (wet floors always look good) but we are considering buying one of these units if it really does the job that we think that it did.

The girls were off to Houston in the middle of the morning.  And that meant that it was my chance to get some serious cleaning done in this house.  I can’t take the mess anymore and with no one in my way I can really make some progress.

My first stop was the grocery store to return the Rug Doctor and to pick up some carrots and celery to munch on.   Then back to the house to do some big time cleaning.

I cleaned for several hours.  I cleaned the kitchen and dishes to kick things off and got all of Liesl’s stuff up and off of the floor right away.  The house practically transformed in a matter of an hour or two.  There were practical limits to how much I could really do but the difference was pretty apparent right away.  It feels so much better being in a house that is a little bit clean.  Dominica is going to be quite impressed when she gets home.  I even did things like finally hung up our clocks and put batteries in them so that we can start to see what time it is.  We haven’t even had a single working clock in the house since we moved in!

I did not get nearly as much actual work done today as I had imagined that I would but it was a very productive day with all of the cleaning.  I am very bad about being able to be productive when the house is a mess and having a ton of cleaning done and out of the way really allows me to focus once it is done.

Oreo and I got a lot of good quality time together too.  He is already visibly enjoying having some quiet time with no toddler chasing him around and the floors clear of debris.  He needs breaks like this in which to just relax.

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