February 27, 2011: Cleaning, Electric and a Little Work

Today is Oreo and my second day at home alone without the girls.  It is pretty lonely in this house with no one here except for the dog and me.  I’ve gotten so used to not only have Dominica and Liesl home all of the time but also having so many other people around so often that I am not used to having the house all to myself for any extended period of time.  Weird.

Oreo is continuing to enjoy the peace and quiet.  He slept really well last night too without anyone tossing and turning to make him want to get up and leave in the middle of the night.

I did a lot more cleaning again today.  I am so excited to have time and space to just get things done around the house.  It feels so nice to have at least a little bit of the place looking better.  This garage conversion will never end.

For lunch Watson was back in town so we ran over to RockFish.  After lunch he came over and we did some storage training for an hour or two before he headed out to spend some time at home himself.

I got more work done today than I did yesterday but it was still hard to be productive with the amount of cleaning and organizing that I felt that I needed to do.

Our contractor did finally show up today again if only for a minute.  He had shown up last night, just long enough to run to Home Depot and pick up some wood that he needed to make the shelves and to pick up cabinets that we are going to use beneath the shelves in the office.

Today he showed up, as did the electricians, and a little work was done from the electricians but nothing on the office itself.  Boy this is going slowly.  It can be weeks between seeing any changes.  At least the electrical situation is nearly resolved.  Only a few things left to be done there.

Dominica and Liesl might be coming home tomorrow.  I’m feeling pretty productive, though, so it might work out better if they stay in Houston for another day.  I did get good work done today plus every day that I get to clean makes me that much more productive the next day.

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