March 1, 2011: The Girls Return

February just flew by in a whirlwind.  Between the house construction and the failed attempt to purchase the house next door it was just crazy throughout the entire month.  And we had that really cold snap at the beginning which turned into amazing near-summer temperatures by the middle of the month.  We’ve had the windows open now for weeks.  It has been beautiful.

Last night was Oreo and my last night alone. Dominica and Liesl left Houston this morning after rush hour traffic had died down.

I went back to the office today figuring that Oreo would be fine just being home alone for half of the day.  Not too bad for him.

I came home at lunch and hung out with Oreo for a while, let him outside, etc.  Dominica ended up getting to the house just thirty minutes or so after I went back to the office.

The evening was obviously spent just hanging out with the family.  Boy it is nice to get my little girl home again.

No additional garage work today.  Oh boy.

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