March 2, 2011: Little Progress

It’s nice to have everyone home again.  Very little to report.  Liesl is seeming older after having been away for several days spending time with her cousins.  At her age you really do notice four days of growth if you don’t see her in between and when she gets to spend that much time with her older cousins there is always additional development done that is very noticeable when you don’t see her in the middle.

I was at the office today.  Dominica stayed at home waiting for more garage work that never happened.  I had a talk with our contractor about having Dominica sit home all day waiting for him and then never arriving.

I came home at lunch and Dominica, Liesl and I went out to IHOP.

Our contractor came over this evening to pick up the wood that we had stored here so that he can work on our first shelves at home as we explained to him that getting the initial shelves done will make a massive difference in the house.  The “den” room is just full of boxes that we would really like to start getting out of the way.  Those shelves not being there are driving us crazy.

Relaxing evening at home with the family.

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