March 13, 2011: Working

I got up this morning and went straight into the “office” to work.  I have just tons and tons to do and no spare time.  I am being very productive.

My entire day was spent in the office.  So much work to do.  The family all went out for an afternoon family event so Oreo and I were home alone for a while which was really good since it gave us some time to relax and really focus on work.  As long as everyone is home I am stuck getting interrupted every few minutes.  And I really mean every few minutes – I am really lucky if I ever get a ten minute stretch in which to really focus on something.

I was at least incredibly efficient this afternoon.  I was alone for several hours and actually did manage to mostly get caught up.  I worked the entire day even after everyone returned home.  I worked until about one in the morning.  This is one of my busiest work days in a very long time.  I easily worked sixteen to eighteen hours without break today.  I even ate all of my meals sitting at my desk.

I feel better, though, getting some of this backlog of work knocked out.  This will make this week a bit better.

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