March 14, 2011: Peruvian Cuisine in Texas

Today I am back to the office while Dominica and Francesca take all of the kids out for the day to some place called Amazing Jake’s where they have games, food, laser tag, movies and all kinds of stuff.  They went out there for about six hours today and everyone seems to have had a really good time.  An exhausting day for sure.  Wore the kids out big time.

I got home on the early side today.  This is my first day going home since the time change.  It is bright out quite late.  It’s great.  Emily and I decided to go for a walk and see how long it would take to get over to the plaza with Target.  It really wasn’t a bad walk.  I Google Mapped it and was 1.3 miles each direction.  So 2.6 miles is a pretty healthy evening hike.  It was great weather for walking through the neighbourhood.  We even went in to Target while we were there.  Nice to know that I can just walk to Target when needed.  It is really only just a little bit farther than it used to be to walk to Walmart back when I used to live in Geneseo.

After we got back we found that dinner had not been started yet so we recommended that we go out and get Peruvian from Inca’s Cafe.  Everyone, except for Dominica, was pretty excited by that idea so Emily and I went out to get Peruvian and to surprise everyone.

We made it just before the cafe closed.  It took us quite a while to review the menu and to decide what we should get for everyone.  While we waited, we had chips and salsa.  Very, very hot salsa.  It was quite good.  We were the only patrons in the restaurant as it was approaching closing time.

It was about nine twenty when we finally got back to the house with dinner.  We got a vegetarian option for Dominica that she really liked and pulled chicken for Francesca that she really liked.  I got fish sticks (nothing like what you normally get for fish sticks.)  We also got some appetizers so that we could try out a few different things.

Altogether it was a really good and interesting dinner.  I’m happy that we have a nice Peruvian place right around the corner.  It is hard to get much variety in Texas.

There was no time this evening for me to really get to my computer and work.  I ended up spending most of the little available time this evening on the couch with my nieces watching Disney movies on Netflix like Read It and Weep and Starstruck.

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