March 15, 2011: Another Zoo Day

I got up and worked from home for an hour and a half this morning before running into the office.  It was nice to get to drive the Mazda now that I have working headlights and a fresh oil change.  The car is running so much more smoothly now.  I forgot to mention yesterday that I discovered that there is a Valvoline near the office that does a very cheap oil change and headlamp replacement which, when you drive Mazda is a very big deal.  We lose one headlamp every month so being able to get it replaced for twenty five dollars is a very, very big deal to us.  They can do our inspection too which is awesome because we have to do that really soon and I was wondering where I was going to be able to get that done.

Work was pretty busy today.  I didn’t manage to get lunch for myself until nearly three.  I ran over to Which Wich and got, surprisingly, a sandwich.

Dominica and Francesca took the kids to the Ft. Worth Zoo today.  They said that it was a mad house there.  Of course, it is spring break so everyone is there.  They were not too happy with the decision to zoo it up today given the craziness that ensued.  But they were pretty much committed once driving all of the way there.  At least Dominica and I are getting some serious value out of our zoo passes.  We just keeping using those and using those.  Everyone wants to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo when they come to visit us.

I wrote a whole long post today and later, when I came back to check on it, I found my post in draft mode and all of my writing gone past this point 🙁

After their trip to the zoo, the family went out for lunch at the pancake house there in Fort Worth that we really like.  They loved their meal, as always, and had to brag about it to me later.

Once I got home, Emily, Madeline and I went for a walk, about two miles total, up to our local pizza place and got dinner there while the rest of the family ate at home.  It’s been nice to get a chance to go out and walk in the evenings.  Nice to get some exercise and very nice to get a chance to really see where we live.  Walking around the neighbourhoods helps to get a feel for where we are and to see where things are in relationship to one another.  I’m getting a much better mental picture of the area now.

After our walk we came back and Emily and I watched The Chaperone on Netflix before everyone turned in for the night.

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