March 3, 2011: Shelves!

Normal work day for me. Nothing to report during the day.

Carpet measurements were taken first thing this morning.  We should have a quote by tomorrow on how much it will officially cost for the entire thing.  I had run in to Home Depot on Monday evening to get the carpet selected and the measurements scheduled for today.

The awesome news for the day was that I came home to discover that the first set of shelves had been built and put up in the office.  They were painted and up on the wall – two six foot wide shelves that will be directly above the location of my future desk once the carpet gets put in.  The paint is still wet tonight so we cannot use the new shelves but they are on the wall and once the paint dries we should be able to start unpacking boxes and putting books up on to the shelves.  That could be as early as tomorrow night.

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