March 4, 2011: Unpacking

I have a sinus infection and likely bronchitis again so this morning we went to the local clinic so that I could see the PA.  That didn’t take too long.  I got some antibiotics for the infection and steroids for my sinus drainage.  So while we waited for the pharmacy we went to Waffle House to get some lunch.

After lunch it was in to the office for me.

This evening, when I got home from work, my first project was to start going in to the “den” and finding boxes of computer books and attempting to get as many as I could unpacked, moved out to the garage and loaded up on to the new shelves that are there.  I ended up being able to get seven whole boxes of books moved into the garage which was huge.  That is a major amount of space that we just reclaimed in the middle of the house.  It feels great to have the books accessible even if it is less than half of them.  It is a great start.

We also hit Home Depot and Lowe’s both tonight to do some shopping for our contractor so that he is ready to finish up.  He still has work to do in the server closet and our indirect lighting for the main office to do before the carpet comes in and then the main shelves to put in after the carpeting is done.  We got more paint and a ceiling fan as well.

Now more waiting.

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