March 5, 2011: Cupcakes

Today was, in theory, supposed to be a slow and relaxing day at home.  But that did not end up happening at all.  The electricians came over this morning to attempt to wrap up but, as happens each time they come, they forget something that they need whether a second person or a ladder or daylight or something and so they are never quite able to finish the last few minor tasks.  Basically all that we have left for them to do at this point is to finish hanging the front dusk till dawn light, put up some lights in the garage and fix the wiring for the garage main lights.  That’s it.  Probably under one hour of total work left to go.  We have no idea when we might see them again.

I ended up getting paged out at six this morning. That was no fun.  So even though I went to bed early thinking that I would get some awesome sleep and maybe kick this infection I ended up getting very little sleep and working a ton.  No fun.

I ended up putting in a very, very long day today with several major issues going on.  I got very little time to do anything of my own.

This evening, Dominica really wanted to get cupcakes so after working all day I took an hour break and we ran to the mall to get cupcakes and to grab sandwiches at the food court.  Liesl wanted to play in the playground but the mall was closing so she had to settle for a few minutes of playing in the fountain.

Back home and back to work.  I had to work rather late tonight too.

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