March 6, 2011: Roseanne

This week Dominica and I have been going back and watching the first seasons of Roseanne which I have not seen, I don’t believe, since they aired live in the late 80s.  If I did see them in reruns, it was while the show was still running in the original few seasons.  I watched the show when it was new.  I was in seventh grade when the show started and it’s most popular years were when I was in middle school and early high school.  By late high school I did not watch very much television, especially not American television as I watched British television when I could (shows like “Red Dwarf” and “Are You Being Served?”), and, from what I can remember, I have never seen the last half of the Roseanne series.  I have no idea how the show went after the early seasons.

It is very nostalgic to be going back and watching this show now.  It is a show that I have thought very little about since it was originally on.

I ended up having to work quite a bit today as well.  I had a production outage this evening that took several hours.

We did get a bit of family time in today, though.

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