March 7, 2011: Rice Bowls and Liesl Time

I tried to go home at lunch today but never ended up making it.  I just ended up grabbing Jamba Juice and having that in the office instead.

On my way home from work today I stopped off at B. B. Bop Rice Bowls which is on my commute.  I have been going past this place for a while and always think that it looks interesting but have not had a chance to stop in yet.  So on my way home I just decided to swing in since it was open.

They were very slow but had a neat menu.  My phone was dead so I didn’t have a way to let Dominica know that I was bringing food home so I figured that I would just surprise her.  I got us two large rice bowls of very healthy brown rice, vegetables and tofu and headed home.  It is really quick and easy for me to pick up dinner there.  Not out of the way at all.  And it is not often that we are able to grab Korean fusion cuisine so it is a nice change of pace.  We eat a lot of rice but this is a different style than we normally get.

Dinner was quite good.  I accidentally got way, way too much food.  More than double what we could eat.  It will be good left over, at least. It was not expensive and is quite healthy.  A good choice for dinner.  I’m sure that we will be getting take out from there much more often in the future.  It is so handy.

I got home at a really good time and having brought home dinner we were able to sit down and eat immediately which made for a much longer evening than we normally have.  I spent almost the entire evening out playing with Liesl.  We went out to the living room and she played there while I cleaned.  I managed to do a lot of clean up in the “den” and get almost all of the remaining boxes emptied so that we could get them out of the way.  We have the Grices comes later this week and we need all of the space that we can get.

Then Liesl and I went in to her room and read book after book.  It has been forever since she has wanted me to read to her.  This is great.  We had an awesome time hanging out together.  It was so nice to have an entire evening where we had nothing to do but spend time together.

Late in the evening we watched some Roseanne together as a family.  Then off to bed.

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