March 8, 2011: And the House Returns

For those wondering as to the never ending garage project – no, nothing has happened.  We have not seen nor heard from anyone for five days now.  Five days of silence.  It is getting more and more ridiculous.  The carpet is, in theory, supposed to take nearly four weeks since we paid for it on Sunday but at the rate that they are going the project that was supposed to only take two weeks or less from inception isn’t going to be able to be completed in twice that time from now.  Argh.

So the house next door, the one that we walked away from several weeks ago, is back in the picture today as ridiculous as that sounds.  The selling brokerage contacted our agent today and dropped the price yet another ten thousand dollars and asked us to come back and bid again.  I have no idea what they are thinking.  But we only need a tiny bit of concession over what they had been willing to do last time and they now know that we are not going to even be remotely intimidated or pushed into an emotional buying decision so perhaps they are ready to bargain since they now know just how hard it is going to be to sell that house and they know that we know all of the details about how much it will cost when all is said and done.

So we are bidding on the house yet again.  Not getting our hopes up.  We ran the numbers again and spoke to the bank today.  In theory everything is lined up and ready to go if the brokerage accepts our offer, which we still think is rather unlikely.  But you never know.  We are the first bidders, again, on this new round of bidding.  So we will see.  The selling brokerage still has our earnest money that we have been trying to get back for some time so we are thinking that that probably gives us some leverage as they are holding our money as if we are partway through the transaction at this point.  Our mortgage broker thinks that it does.  He feels that they will be pretty foolish to let us go again.  We hope that that is the case.

I made it home for lunch today.  Got some time with Dominica and Liesl.  The weather is continuing to be awesome here in Texas.  I’m loving winter in Texas.  I keep forgetting that it is so cold back home.  They have snow on the ground still and we are feeling like it is summer here.

After work Dominica sent me over to Blu Ginger to pick up Thai curry for dinner.  I had a conference call that I had to make it back for so it was a rush from work to restaurant to home, ate half of my dinner and then on to the phone.  A very busy evening.

Today was the release day for Dragon Age 2 for the Playstation 3.  Dominica has been waiting for this game to release for months now.  She has never played any video game like she played the first game in the series and its expansion packs.  She has had this one on pre-order from Amazon since it was first announced.  The game did not arrive as planned, however.

It turns out that Dominica had had the game shipped to the old apartment since, at the time that she ordered it, that was where we were living and probably had not yet made plans to move anywhere else.  Oops.  So that is a problem.  So we spent half an hour or more this evening trying to figure out how to get the game rerouted so that she could eventually get it.  In theory it will arrive tomorrow.

As we often do, we sat on the couch at the end of our bed and watched some Netflix before going to bed.  At around ten Liesl said to me “Dora blanket” and had me go into her room with her to get her her Dora fleece blanket that she likes to sleep with.  Then she grabbed her pacifiers, her bears and other assorted nighttime sundries and marched into our room and just climbed up in to our bed.  It was so cute!

Liesl is generally pretty good about knowing when she is tired and wanting to be put to bed.  Last week one time she slowly snuck her blankets, bears and other sleeping items into our bed while we watched “Hot in Cleveland” and then climbed up into our bed and went to sleep hoping that we would not notice.  It was so adorable.  We could not believe how funny it was that she had just decided to sleep with us and to do it so obviously sneakily.  Liesl almost never sleeps with us, at least not when we are at home.  She generally likes having her own bed and her own space.

Tonight, within just a little while of going to bed, it was noticeable that Liesl was very, very warm.  She is running a fever.  Dominica is guessing that it is the same fever that Clara had last week while Dominica and Liesl were down in Houston with the Grices.  So that explains why Liesl had decided to climb into our bed.  She was not feeling well and she knew it.

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