April 12, 2011: Back in DFW

We were all dragging pretty badly this morning.  It was a late night last night.  Brian, at least, managed to nap in the car.

We are back in Dallas today and I am heading back in to the office.  Hard to believe that we are now under a fortnight to the new baby!  Time is flying by.

Today was an uneventful but busy day at the office.  Lots of catchup from yesterday.

Now we are in to the home stretch and attempting to get the house in order, to some degree.  There is so much that still needs to be done.

This afternoon Maggie brought Oreo back to the house.  He was staying with her while we were in Houston this past weekend.  Liesl was so excited to have him back.  Dominica messaged me at work: “Oreo came in and Liesl said “Oreo home! Oreo home! I love it! I love it! Tank too mommy, tank too!””

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