April 20, 2011: Five Days to Go

Brian did not get on to the road nearly as early as he had wanted.  It was probably seven thirty, not three thirty, when he started driving.  But still, not too bad.  He is avoiding the weather as much as possible but taking the far longer Oklahoma route.  At least he got to see something new.

I slept in a bit and then went to work.  Nothing really interesting there.  At noon I met Dominica and Liesl at the OB/GYN for Dominica’s final checkup before actually having the baby.  The checkout went well and Liesl, as always, had a great time playing in the waiting area.  She just loves their foam blocks and “busy zoo” wood toy.  While I was in the lobby watching Liesl I checked in on Foursquare, as I always do.  I noticed, completely by chance, that there was a “special” at the MacArthur OB/GYN so I checked to see what it was.

Bizarrely, the “special” available at the MacArthur OB/GYN was that the Mayor (basically the person who checks in to FourSquare the most from there) wins a free 4D sonogram.  I though “Isn’t that funny.”  Then I checked in and was notified that I had become the mayor.  Ha ha.  So I called Dominica to let her know that we had just won one.  She said to go ahead and see if we were really able to get it or not.  They figured out that they could squeeze us in this afternoon, so we schedule to come back in two hours.

The problem, of course, with giving out a sonogram to the mayor like this is that the only way to become the mayor is to come in quite often.  For example, we have now come in every week for weeks for the regular checkups so I’ve been racking up check ins quite frequently.  In order to get enough checkins to become mayor we had to go to our final checkup with just five days to go until the baby is born.  In order to unseat me as the mayor, the next person will have to either wait until my checkins begin to expire or check in even more than I did – which is barely possible.  So basically only people who are way too late in their pregnancy can win the sonogram – it’s a self defeating system.  It is a really neat prize but basing it on the mayorship creates an unforeseen problem, I think.

A 4D sonogram is best done between 28 and 32 weeks.  We are, obviously, at 38.  So the baby is taking up a lot of room and it will be pretty hard to see anything.

We went to Einstein Bagel Bros. for lunch.  Then, as we had a little time to kill between appointments and since I had some work to do, we ran to the office and Dominica and Liesl got to come in and see where I work.  Dominica has not seen my office since she stopped in one night to pick me up at the Warren, New Jersey office long, long ago, probably in 2007.  It was a very long time ago that I moved from Warren to Wall Street and then I worked from home for over a year then moved down to Texas a year and a half ago.  So it had to be quite some time ago that she was last in the office.  Amazing how time flies.

We went back and did the sonogram pretty quickly.  There really wasn’t anything for them to see.  Everything looks good but all that is really visible is the back of the baby’s head.  The baby is already into the birthing position and ready for delivery.

This evening is the beginning of our crazy cleaning schedule.  We ran to Kroger and did quite a bit of grocery shopping as well as picking up the Rug Doctor that we need to clean all of our carpets.

We got home, had dinner and then go busy cleaning out some rooms and cleaning the floors.  That was a lot of work.  We got the den and the back half of the living room clear so that we could shampoo the rugs.  We did one run and decided to save the rest for first thing in the morning so that, hopefully, what we did would dry enough so that we could move furniture back on top of it.  It is like a puzzle game – figuring out where to clean and what to move where when in order to be able to shuffle everything around to be able to clean the floors.

So we went to bed a little early knowing that we needed to be up early tomorrow to keep cleaning.

The baby mayhem has already begun.  It is one crazy busy baby schedule from here on out until next Tuesday.

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