April 21, 2011: Four Days to Go

Dominica and I got up early this morning and found the carpets still quite wet.  I went to empty the Rug Doctor and realized that there was nothing to empty.  Disaster.  Apparently we had done something wrong and the machine is not working.  This isn’t good.  I needed to get off to work and was not able to hang around to try to figure out what to do.  So Dominica did some troubleshooting while I was at work in the home office – I did a work from home morning as this was a bit of an emergency under the circumstances.

We finally got it working and did as much carpet cleaning as we could.  It was really hard to do very much with the carpets still being so wet after the shampooing.  It is very logistically challenging trying to do this quickly.  It did not help at all that it has been raining out and so the air is humid and nothing wants to dry at all.  We eventually had to go to air conditioning and run the dehumidifier as well in the hopes of sucking as much water out of the air as possible.

There was tons of other cleaning to do so there was no limit what there was to do even if we were stalled on the carpets.  We were really feeling overwhelmed by how much needed to be done.

I went in to the office in the afternoon but came home as quickly as I could so that I could continue to help.  Fortunately tomorrow is Good Friday and while I don’t have the day off it is a work from home day and things are going to be super slow.  This afternoon was very slow as it was.

I got home and Dominica informed me that Liesl told her that she wanted to eat at Waffle House – just out of the blue, no prompting or anything.  She just decided that she wanted Waffle House.  So we figured that that was as good of a decision as any and went to Waffle House in Farmer’s Branch for dinner.

We came home from dinner and set to cleaning carpets until quite late.  By the end of the day my back was hurting from moving furniture, servers and pulling that Rug Doctor around.  We rented it for another day so that we can keep working on the floors.  They need it so badly and we have been holding off doing anything with them because of the construction in the garage.

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