April 22, 2011: Three Days to Go

Dominica was up very early “nesting” this morning.  She got up in the wee hours of the morning and completely cleaned our bedroom while I was asleep.  I slept in some because I desperately needed the sleep.  Once I was up it was frantic cleaning time.

The air conditioning, dehumidifier and industrial fan in the den did their jobs and the carpet was decently dry.  I moved furniture as best as I could and got nearly all of the floor shampooed.

The Grices made really good time and arrived hours before we thought that they would.  Joe and Britt were caravaning with them and they all arrived before eleven, I believe.  So we did not get as much done as we had hoped before they arrived but having Joe and Bennie to help move furniture helped a lot.

At noon, Emily and I drove to the airport to pick up Dominica’s parents.  This is the first time for them, as well as for Joe and Britt, to see our new house.

I had to work all day but work was very, very light.  So mostly I just had to check in regularly to make sure that no one was needing me.  Perfect timing on the Good Friday holiday for us to be sure.  It would have been really tough if I would have had to have gone in to work today.

For lunch (or even breakfast for many of us) we went out to BJ’s in the middle of the afternoon.  Then rushed home so that I could work as there was actually work to be done by then.

The evening was spent mostly just hanging out and visiting.  The girls did a bunch of baking as the joint Garrett and Clara birthday party is tomorrow.  Soon it will be a triple birthday part as soon to be born baby Miller’s birthday will fall right in between Garrett and Clara’s birthdays all of them being within several days of each other.  The party is at noon tomorrow.

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