May 13, 2011: Arctic Char at Rockfish

Medifast Status: Day 11, Down ~12 lbs

It’s Friday but tomorrow is the big disaster recovery / continuity of business test for this season at the office so I have to be in the office all day.  It will be a short weekend for me.

Before lunch I went over to my Medifast office and picked up some additional food items so that I would have more variety and more drink options to get my through.  I need more selection to make it easier and I am rapidly finding that I prefer to use drinks rather than food items for many of my meals.  Once you lose the desire to eat you really just want it to be as quick and easy as possible.

For lunch today the family came down and met me at Rockfish.  Dad hasn’t been to Rockfish yet but he loves seafood so this should be a great restaurant for him.

I was very excited to learn today that Rockfish now has arctic char, one of my favourite fish.  I have never found arctic char outside of that one restaurant in Walt Disney World that Dominica and I discovered a few years ago.

I managed to get out of work at a pretty decent time tonight and I rushed home as I am getting very little family time over the weekend.

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