May 14, 2011: Spring DR Test

Medifast Status: Day 12, Down ~13 lbs

Very little sleep for me last night.  I got up at six this morning and was out the door by seven.  Today is the disaster recovery test at the office and the entire office has to be in for the full day.  I was at the office before seven thirty.

The thing about disaster recovery testing is that when I’m needed, I’m really needed, but for nearly the entire day there is nothing for me to do at all.  So it is an extremely slow, boring day where I am chained to my desk but don’t really have much to do.  At least it allowed me to do some serious catchup on SGL.

There was a ton of food at the office today.  Sadly, none of it was anything that I could eat.  Boy did it look good, though.  Bagels, pizza, Indian sweets, cookies, etc.  It just kept coming and coming.  I definitely picked the wrong time to start my diet.  I’m missing several La Cima events and tons of other things.  I guess that there really is never a right time, but this seems to be pretty bad.

I worked through lunch today but was able to jet out of the office around three thirty.  Not too bad.  I was still on call all evening, which was a lot of calls, but at least I got to go home and see dad and the family for a bit.

We went out to Remington’s Fish Grill (or something like that) in Addison right as they opened at five.  Dinner was great, we really like that restaurant and it was not too expensive either.  With Dominica about to start Medifast (or a modified version close to it) and me being on it now we will definitely be looking for restaurants able to accommodate us and eating at the same few places over and over again will rapidly get old.

We were able to have a nice, relaxing evening at home since I had gotten home so early and we had managed to get out and to get dinner so quickly.

We went out for a walk to the Carrollton Greenway.  It wasn’t a very long walk but it was nice to get out and get a little exercise.  We took the girls out in their new double stroller which was cool.  They both seemed to really enjoy it.  We got to walk through the neighbourhood and give dad an idea of what the houses around us are like, too.

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