May 15, 2011: Liesl in the Park

Medifast Status: Day 13, Down ~14 lbs

Today is my only weekend day this week as I was in the office for a full eight hours yesterday.  So today was our day to just relax.

After having such a nice time on our walk last night, we decided to walk to the park and relax there this afternoon.  We took the double stroller again and Liesl played on the toddler playground for quite a while, maybe an hour.  We (everyone but me that is) got ice cream from the ice cream cart that stopped by the park.   It was a busy day in the park today.  Everyone seemed to agree that the weather was perfect for families to come out and enjoy the park.

It was really nice to get a relaxing day without much of anything going on.  This afternoon we discovered that after a month and a half that the Sony Playstation Network is back up and that means that our Netflix is working in the living room again and we were able to use it to actually watch something.  We also discovered that Dr. Who Season Five was available to watch instantly – and that the watch instantly was actually in HD even though there were only DVDs released, so streaming it actually looks noticeably better than having the DVDs in hand.

So we introduced dad to the new Dr. Who and while it is not his favourite show ever, he did enjoy it and is thinking about going home in a few days and watching it on Netflix too.

We watched it for most of the evening and finished off the season.  Now we just have to wait for Season Six to release (it only just started showing in the UK, so it might be a while.)  We did discover that the new season of Torchwood is about to begin in July.  We are very excited about that.

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