May 16, 2011: Microsoft Web Camp

Medifast Status: Day 14, Down ~14 lbs (one stone)

This is my two week mark with Medifast and I am down a full stone.  So far so good.

Today is dad and my day at Microsoft’s Web Camp at their Las Colinas training center.  We signed up for this months ago.  I managed to get the day “off” from work so that I could take the class.  I am still actually working today but all remote and as little as necessary so that I can pay attention in the class.  The class is focused on Microsoft’s current web development tools and techniques like MVC, JQuery and Web Matrix.

We got to the class a little before eight thirty and got signed in and sat right up front.  They had breakfast available to us but on Medifast there was nothing there that I could eat.  Once again, for the third time in four days, my timing was horrible on starting my diet right at this particular time.

Class got started right away and boy was it an intense one.  Microsoft always does an excellent job with their classes, they are such a pleasure to attend.  They covered a lot of stuff and I think that we both learned quite a bit.  I am very glad that I was able to go in and spend my time in the class.

For lunch they catered in some amazing looking pizza and salads.  At least they had salads so I was able to partake of that.  The salad was good but boy did the pizza look amazing.  I am really craving bread pretty significantly.  That is the thing that I miss most on the diet.

After class wrapped up at four dad and I went to Rockfish and ordered take out.  We figured that that would be fast and easy and eliminate the overhead of trying to decide what to do for dinner after we got back home.  We were already out and basically right across the street so it was just too easy to pass up.

We had dinner at the house and just hung out at home for the evening.

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