May 24, 2011: Storms Approach

Medifast Status: Day 22, Down ~17.5lbs

I was back in to the office this morning.  So much for my three day weekend.  But the great thing about a three day weekend it is followed almost automatically with a four day work week.  So just three more days to go after today!

Last night we had some really serious storm that snuck up on us here in the DFW.  I’m amazed by how quickly storms just appear out of nowhere, hit and vanish.  Midwestern weather is really interesting.

After work I was supposed to be going to my golf lesson but seeing how bad the projected thunderstorm was going to be I decided that it would likely be smartest if I called my golf instructor to find out if we were really going to make an attempt or not.  The answer turned out to be “not”.  So rather than having to leave work to go to gold I was able to run up to the house and get Dominica and the girls to go out to dinner at the club.  We had been planning on dinner at the club but didn’t think that we were going to be able to do that because of how long it takes for my golf lesson.

We had a nice dinner in La Cima’s Lakeside.  Dominica and I are doing the splitting meals thing now so that we have to go to the club twice per month instead of just once but it gets us out a bit more and causes us to take even more advantage of the club that we use to.  I like that we are getting a better value and Dominica seems to be happy to go out to eat more now – which is amazing since we have two little girls, and not just one, to take with us now.

Hopefully our new approach to La Cima will work well with my diet and make it easier for us to leverage the club while sticking to the rigorous weight loss program.  We will see.

We had an adventurous night with a major storm, including tornadoes, moving in on us while we were having dinner.  It was rather exciting.  We had the iPad and the iPhone so we were watching the weather reports and we got to see some amazing stuff from up in the tower.

At one point we were told to prepare to have to run to the middle of the building for safety.  There were really tornadoes that hit Irving and Arlington.  So while we didn’t see any funnels ourselves, we were right in the midst of the excitement.  It was very cool.

We ended up having to stay rather late at dinner because of the storms.  It was not safe to drive home until after the storm had passed.

There was some major hail in this storm and while we were at La Cima we heard that a friend of ours who was working there had had grapefruit-sized hail punch through her roof, take out her windows and seriously damage her car!  And she lived very close to the club.

We got home, probably around ten thirty, and from an initial inspection that house seemed to be in good shape.  Dominica was really glad that I had insisted on taking the new Acadia to the club and not using valet parking so that we would be protected in the parking garage since we have no protection at home.  Our new car would have likely been destroyed.  We don’t really care about the Mazda anymore.  She was pretty impressed that I had thought ahead enough to have planned for a way to protect the Acadia under these conditions.

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