May 29, 2011: Completing Fable

Medifast Status: Day 27, Down ~21lbs

This morning we got up and headed on down to Mansfield to hang out with the family by the pool.  It was quite a hot day and most of us spent the day under the canopy while Liesl went to the pool and swam for a really long time.  She had a lot of fun.  Unfortunately I got paged out while we were at the party and we had to leave quite suddenly to drive back home so that I could support the office just to get home and find out that the systems that I had been paged out for were not mine, not our businesses and had already been taken care of 🙁  So I put in a few hours working anyway but we could have spent the afternoon with the family instead.

So we ended up having the afternoon at home quietly as a family.  Liesl slept a lot being exhausted from all of her time in the pool.  I put in some time on Fable: The Lost Chapters and wrapped up the last of The Lost Chapters which mostly take place after the ending of the original game and add a little more depth to the story line.  I am very thankful to have the game finally over and done with, nearly two years and six months to the day from when I started it when Liesl was just a few weeks older than Luciana is now.

There is something about having a new baby girl that makes me want to play Fable, I guess.  Maybe it is nostalgia since I played it so much in those first few weeks when Liesl was born.

It felt really good to finish Fable.  After two and a half years I have now completed a total of two video games on the XBOX 360.  A little silly, I suppose, for such a long period of time but I’m on a good trajectory now.

We immediately started in on Fable III.  I got the game for Christmas this past year (2010) and we had not had time to even start it yet – neither having the XBOX unpacked nor having finished the previous Fable game which I was determined to complete before moving on to the next one in the series.   We have been looking forward to Fable III for a really long time.  The upside to waiting a little while before starting it is that there is already some downloadable content for it that we can get and use right from the beginning.

We only played Fable III for a little while this evening but we seemed to really be progressing through it.  It is moving very quickly compared to either of the first two installments.

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