May 30, 2011: From Living Room to Play Room

Medifast Status: Day 28, Down ~21lbs

Today is Memorial Day and we have no plans at all.  I am home from work and just have to watch the email today to see if anyone really needs me which is nice.  I have nothing scheduled so I spent most of the day actually relaxing, which I really needed.

We did some rearranging in the house today.  We took apart the couch (the “theatre seating”) and moved the mid-section of it into the play room and pushed the ends of the couch together.  Now there is a ton of space around the couch rather than either end of it being really close to the walls and, as soon as we can move the television into the other room, the mid-section will become seating for Dominica and I can use the other chair that is already in there.  That room is looking pretty busy now but the living room itself is looking far nicer.

I got to play quite a bit of Fable III today and I am making incredible progress.  It feels like I am flying through the game.  Much faster than Fable I or II felt.  It is hard to really know as you never know what lies ahead but I get the feeling that I am nearly halfway done with it already.  Of course, this weekend was a really good chance for me to plow into it right from the beginning, but still.

So far we really like Fable III.  Dominica is really enjoying watching it.  It plays out much like a movie, but like Fable II did.  There is no doubt that it is quite a different game than its predecessor.  The game play has changed quite a bit even if the look and feel have not.  This one is much less intense from a game play perspective but moreso from a drama and storytelling perspective.

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