July 24, 2011: Painting the Wood Paneling

Medifast Status: Day 83, Down ~40.5lbs

Today is another day of cleaning and working around the house for us.  I got our stereo system out of the garage and got it set up (but not plugged in) in the den so that at least it is where it is finally going to go rather than sitting out in the garage in a box.  Now that we have our speakers from dad’s house and the stereo receiver from the garage we are able to see how they fit in that room.  And the verdict is that they don’t.  They don’t fit at all.  We have no idea how we are going to make these, or any other, speakers work in that room.

The first order of business is really to get the television mounted up on the wall.  Having the television on the TV stand on the floor is just not working.  That is a horrible arrangement.  It takes up a lot of floor space and it makes it hard to see.  So hopefully in the next two weeks we will be able to get that mounted.  Once that is mounted the plan is to have some shelves added beneath it to hold the receiver and video game gear in a nice, neat fashion.  Then that should clear up the floor giving us more floor space in which to spread out.  I think that Liesl will want to use that space to play a lot.  It will look much nicer.  But even once we do that we have no idea where to place the speakers.  We are stumped there.  There just isn’t a good space in that weird corner with the plants, the brick pillar and the buffet.

Dominica’s project for the day was to paint the wood paneling on the front of the bar.  The bar, where it is against the living room, that is the part at which one would sit to drink at the bar, has always been a very dark wood paneling which is very dated and very dark in a part of the house where we are always struggling to have enough light.  So Dominica painted it a bright white today and boy does it look a lot better.  She did the first coat around noon, the second at four and the last coat around eight tonight.  Already you can tell that the living room is much brighter and feels cleaner and more modern.

After this we are really looking forward to having the same dark wood paneling painted on the buffet and in the bar area itself.  We can tell that it will really make a difference once we get into those areas too.

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