July 25, 2011: Liesl Starts Playing the Wii

Medifast Status: Day 84, Down ~40.5lbs

Boy is it hot today.  More than 102 and here I am without air conditioning in my car.  Surprisingly I’m still not really feeling the heat.  I mean, it is hot and all, but you don’t get that stifling wall of heat that I remember in my childhood.

I came home for lunch today and spent the entire time, without any breaks, working on a database modification issue.  It went okay, just used up any free time that I had in which to relax.  Not exactly how I like to spend my lunches.  Dominica made me an omelette (my Firefox dictionary does not have omelette in it, what is up with that?) that I ate while I worked.  That is my meal for the day.

After work I came home and was on the phone for a little bit before Dan stopped in to check out the collapsing pillars out front.  He didn’t stay for long but he didn’t think that the pillars looked very good.  He agrees that we need to get a foundation person out to look into this right away.

Dominica had been playing Dragon Age: Origins today.  We have those new expansion packs that we recently downloaded so she found them and started in on the first one for about an hour.

After Dan left we packed up and went out shopping at GameStop where we sold back two older games for the PS3 that I have never even played and we picked up a stack of games including New Super Mario Bros., Epic Mickey, Dora’s Birthday Adventure and Sesame Street Counting all for the Wii which we recently got back and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the PS3.  Pretty much everything was used so it wasn’t that expensive.

Then we ran over to Walmart.  We needed a few basic supplies like food for Oreo and we got Liesl a new lamp and  a small storage Ottoman for our den / play room so that we can fill it with video games and stuff that have been sitting around the room.  Anything that helps us to keep the place clean is a big deal.

We stopped off at Panda Express and picked up dinner for Dominica.  Then we came home.

Dominica started playing Epic Mickey but discovered that it was scaring Liesl even right at the beginning and Liesl was asking to try her new Dora game.  So after a few minutes of Epic Mickey we put in the Dora game and Liesl begin her very first foray into the world of the Nintendo Wii and console video gaming.

Liesl did surprisingly well for her first time having to use a controller.  It took a bit of work and much like with Angry Birds she often wants to do her own thing that is not what the game wants her to do so she gets frustrated after not too long.  But she is clearly old enough for this type of game and with some work will be able to play it on her own in no time.  We are very excited to have our first child playing video games with us now!

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