July 26, 2011: Genghis Khan

Medifast Status: Day 85, Down ~40.5lbs

Today is Genghis Khan day for the Millers.  It is also our very first time getting baby sitters for our children.  A red letter day if there ever was one.

I went to work this morning and worked through lunch knowing that I was going to have to leave work early this afternoon.  I also skipped nearly all of my Medifast meals knowing that I was going to be significantly cheating on my plan tonight as well.

Dominica took the girls at around three o’clock out to Mansfield so that they could spend the evening with their great aunt and cousins out there.  Dominica dropped them off and snuck out of the house in the hopes that Liesl might not even notice that she was missing.  She made it out of the house without an incident.  Fingers crossed!

Dominica was running late so we had to drive to the evening’s event separately.  The Irving Performing Arts Center is hosting the Genghis Khan exhibit on tour from the Mongolian government and I have been wanting to go to see it for a while.  We are really excited that we managed to get someone to watch the girls so that we could go.  Dominica arrived only a few minutes after me and was there in time for the tour.

We are getting a private tour of the exhibit organized by La Cima.  One of the benefits of being in the club.  It was a good size crowd for the type of event that it was.  We might have had fifty people in our tour group.  Pretty impressive.

The tour was nice.  It was around 103F outside but inside the exhibit it was just 55F.  Very chilly.  We got to see the new Mongolian dancers fresh in from Washington D.C. too.  They were very good.

The tour was about two hours.  From there we went on to La Cima for a Mongolian themed dinner.  The food was quite good and the salads were very interesting – especially the addictive cole slaw.  The meal itself was a stir fry and ours, being meatless, was good but nothing very exotic.  Dessert, however, was really excellent.  It was a rice pudding type thing but with the rice nearly whole so more like what I would call sticky rice with raisins.  Then there was Mongolian fudge on the side which is very sweet but has no chocolate.  Mixing the two together is divine.

We couldn’t stay out too late as we needed to go pick up the girls.  We figured that Liesl was probably rather upset all evening and Mansfield is pretty far away.

It was between eight thirty and nine when we got to Mansfield.  Liesl was watching television with her cousins and as happy as could be and Luciana had fallen asleep.  Unbelievable.  And, it turns out, Liesl ate her first fried shrimp tonight and loved them!  In fact, once she tried breaded shrimp she had refused to eat anything else.  We are very excited that she has a new food to eat.

The report was that both girls did very well tonight.  Liesl played and played and was clearly very exhausted when we went to take her home.  She really got no nap today so she is really pushing her limits tonight.

We had to go back to the office and pick up my car.  That wasn’t very far out of the way.  It was late when we got home and it was straight to bed for everyone.

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