June 23, 2011: Preparing to Leave

Medifast Status: Day 52, Down ~29lbs

I worked half of the day from home today so that I could watch the girls to allow Dominica to try to get things ready for us to leave for Ohio tomorrow.  In many ways it is good that we were already planning on leaving in a week because we were partially ready and had a lot of our trip planning already done but we were planning on leaving in more than a week and the work to be done was spread out over the next eight days.  Compressing everything into less than two days is not at all easy.

I did manage to get lunch from Rockfish for Dominica today and brought it home with me to make lunch easier.

At the end of the day, most everything is ready.  The car needs to be packed and that can’t be done until tomorrow due to the heat – nothing can sit out in the Texas sun in June.

Watson came over this evening so that we could run through what needs to be done to take care of the house while we are gone.  The plants can only go a few days without being watered and the foundation has to stay watered too.

We figured out tonight that we still had meals from La Cima to use and tonight is the last night that we are in Texas until next month.  So Watson and I headed over to La Cima and picked up take out for Dominica.

Overall…. there is still a ton of work to do tomorrow.  It is going to be a long day.

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