August 18, 2011: Last Evening with the Grice Girls

Medifast Status: Day 108, Down ~48.5lbs

Today was rather uneventful for the most part.  I have been continuing to make it in early to the office all week.  That is three weeks now.  I am starting to get into the groove.  It doesn’t really feel early anymore.

Around lunch I ran over to MediFast and did a quick check in.  I was only down 1.5 lbs but I’ve had a couple of good weeks prior to that and this was a shorter than normal week so I’m not too concerned.  If I can just lose another 1.5lbs by next week’s check in I will be down an even 50 lbs which will feel awesome.

I ran home and had a phone call over lunch that I needed to deal with.  I did that then back to the office.

This week has been much slower than last week.  Hasn’t been too bad at all.

Had the usual Thursday night call this week and then actually got to hang out with the family for a little bit before heading off to bed.  Tomorrow we are going to go down to Houston for the weekend.  So tonight is our last night at home for the week.

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