August 19, 2011: Driving the Girls Back to Houston

Medifast Status: Day 109, Down ~48.5lbs

Early to bed, early to rise.  I actually worked from home today.  Dominica had to take Oreo to the vet at noon and it was going to be a bit rough for me to make it home in time to watch the kids while she took him so I just stayed home.  My boss didn’t need me in the office this afternoon so I just stayed at home all day which is great because we are heading on down to Houston as soon as work is done this evening.

While home I managed to get some cleaning done.  Today is the last day of the Grice girls being with us this summer.  We are pretty sure that they think that we are pretty boring so are likely ready to get back home and back to their normal lives.  They are getting a bit old for staying with us for extended periods of time since they have their own things that they like to do and being at our house for two weeks is very disruptive – especially when considering that they spend four weeks or more in New York each summer as well.  Nearly their entire summer vacation is spent away from home and their friends.

I was done with the evening deployments around six thirty but it was closer to seven thirty when we were finally able to get out on to the road to Houston.  It was a long drive and we arrived around half past midnight.

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