August 3, 2011: The Hottest Day So Far

Medifast Status: Day 93, Down ~42.5lbs

Up at five again and in to the office by six thirty.  Of course I got to the office and went through my emails and found that last night our need for early morning coverage was lifted so that I didn’t really need to be here so early this morning.  It is good, though, as there is always just so much to be done and getting in so early allows me to be on top of things all day long rather than always playing catchup.  You can see from SGL alone that I am now getting the posts out first thing in the morning and am completely up to date.  So it is working well.

I posted a new article over at SMB IT Journal yesterday: “Do You Really Need Redundancy: The Real Cost of Downtime.”

We are supposed to hit 109F here in Dallas today.  The all time Dallas record is only 111F.  It actually doesn’t feel bad outside.  I believe that today is the hottest day that we have spent since moving to Dallas.  According to the forecast that I have seen we are in very good shape to break the all time “number of days consecutively over 100 degrees” record famously set in 1980 and we are very, very close to breaking the all time “number of days consecutively over 105 degrees” record.

Our air conditioning is really struggling.  We are keeping the house at 86F now and the air conditioning barely gets a chance to take a break.  It is getting pretty rough.  My office at home is in the mid-90s every day and it is very hard to be productive sitting in there.  Very hard indeed.  And we have had to shut down the ReadyNAS as we do not have enough cooling to keep it at a good operating temperature nor is our UPS able to handle the constant dips in power that we are getting now either.

The rolling blackouts did not hit today either but we have heard that we have come very close.

Today is predicted to be the peak of our heat.  John at the office saw his cars exterior thermometer display 123F on his drive home at six in the evening!

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