August 4, 2011: Cleaning for the Grices

Medifast Status: Day 94, Down ~42.5lbs

Technically it is not as hot today as it has been, but it is pretty hard to tell.  108 degrees again today.  I have a feeling that many a heat record is going to fall this year with this unabated heat wave bearing down on us.

Officially the need for me to be in the office super early today was lifted last night but until after I had gone home for the evening so I was not aware and came in early anyway.  Not a big deal since I’ve been getting up so early all week already and I still need to be in early tomorrow anyway.

I ran home at eleven to be at home when our painting contractor comes to give us an estimate on painting the house.  They were there early, though, and the estimate was over by the time that I had arrived.  $2,100 for the painting.  Ugh.  That’s a lot.  We were hoping that it wouldn’t be nearly so much.  There is a ton of house to be painted, I suppose.

So since I was already home and we didn’t have to wait on the painters we decided that we would go to La Cima for lunch today and that Dominica and the girls would just do some shopping after lunch and pick me up when they were done to take me home.  A good use of the commute.

Lunch was nice then the girls went to Kohl’s to get some new clothes.  Work was slow and Dan needed to run to Office Depot, which I did too, so we ran over there and knocked out some errands.  It was pretty much perfect timing getting back to the office before Dominica was ready to pick me up and take me home.

Having all of us out of the house during the hottest part of the day was good as well since instead of suffering through the house being so warm we were able to enjoy air conditioning elsewhere and the house’s air conditioning didn’t have to fight to keep us cool as well.  We are not happy about the house always being over eighty degree though.  That is really wearing on us.  It is going to be horrible after tomorrow when the Grice family arrives.  With all of those people in the house it is going to be much hotter than it is now.

After work I had a conference call this evening but it was exceptionally short for a change.  So often we run to hours and this time it was fifteen to twenty minutes at most.  Very surprising but good as there is much that I need to work on this evening anyway.

This evening we mostly spent cleaning since we have our visitors coming to see us starting tomorrow.

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