September 1, 2011: More People Moving to Dallas

Medifast Status: Day 122, Down ~51.5lbs

I am completely exhausted today.  Really dragging.  Even though I am so tired I woke up twenty minutes before my alarm this morning.  I couldn’t make myself get up extra early, though, so I went back to sleep until the alarm went off.  Not normal for me.  Normally if I am up I just get up and get started.

I came home for lunch today.  La Cima keeps forgetting to email out the lunch menu in the mornings and when we don’t receive it we really don’t even consider going over there since we have no idea if there will be something that we want to eat or not.

Work was not too busy today.  The market volatility, nature disasters and everything else have caused us to really have very little to do as we just go from one freeze to another.

This evening Dominica decided that she wanted to read and not watch anything – which is good because it makes us a lot more production.  Once the television is on we are pretty much trapped in the play room and it is very hard to do anything.  That is the biggest disadvantage of the playroom television situation.  It keeps the television from taking  over the main parts of the house but it also causes us to be isolated when using it.  If the television was in the living room than walking around and doing whatever is relatively easy as the television can be seen from just about everywhere at the same time.  In the playroom there are just the two seats and even walking over to the bar to get coffee makes you go behind the television.  So the bar and kitchen not having line of sight to the television is bad for everyday use.  No different than using the one in our bedroom, though.

I had my two hour Thursday evening call tonight.  While I was on Dominica brought me dinner.  She made her cauliflower pizza which has now gone through another iteration of development and is continuing to improve.  It is really tasty and actually begins to satisfy the craving for pizza.  That is one of the foods that I miss the most.  This is not the same but it is far, far closer to the real thing than you might imagine.  We even use vegetarian pepperoni substitute.

Dominica spent the evening reading travel information and I spent the evening working in the office.  Luciana went to bed so early that she was in bed while I was still on my call.  Liesl painted and watched Wonder Pets most of the evening.

I was on FaceBook tonight looking to talk to Roni from high school, she graduated with me, because she lives in Tuscany and I needed some travel advice.  It turns out that she moved to Dallas just last week.  How bizarre is that?  Having grown up walking distance from each other, being about nine houses away, we now live thousands of miles away and are just twenty minutes separated.  Pretty weird.  So I talked to her for a bit and we are having lunch on Wednesday.

Roni also told me that Peggy, also who was in our class, moved to Dallas as well.  So there are at least three of us from my graduating high school class of only sixty four people now living in Dallas.  That means that 5% of my class is here.  Now that is not something that I would have ever suspected.

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