September 12, 2011: Rebuilding My Desktop

Medifast Status: Day 133, Down ~57lbs

I decided that I needed to work from home today.  My boss is back from his vacation and this is his first day in the office and so that means that I am needed less in the office today than I have been for the past few weeks so it is the perfect day for me to spend some time at home.

The weather is heating up more today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be exceptionally brutal at 105 again.  I can’t wait for autumn to come and save us.

Work wasn’t too busy today which was nice.  Liesl was very happy that I was home and got to spend time with her.  She is very happy to be home too.  She loves her cousins but she also very much enjoys having her quiet time to herself.  She is very much into just playing her imaginary games with her animals or playing house and she does not really need other people around to do that.  She really acts a lot like an only child in that respect.  Her private time is important to her.

For lunch today we all went to La Cima as the lunch menu looked pretty good.  Dominica was in the mood to go out for lunch today.  So I took along my laptop and just set up at the club and worked from there for a while.  On the way home we swung in to Fry’s and I picked up a solid state drive and Dominica picked up some headphones.

Liesl came home and took her nap.  Dominica and Luciana went out and did some quick shopping while I worked from home.  Dominica picked up a new pair of jeans for me.  This pair is four inches less than my last jeans (around the waste, that is) which, in turn, were four inches less than the jeans that I had before that.  So from my largest pair of jeans (which were never actually tight in any way) I am now down eight inches with the new jeans being completely comfortable.  I am now wearing 38/30s from Levi and could, in theory, fit into a 36/30 in a pinch – but pinch it probably would.  In another two or three months I might be ready for 36s, though.

This evening’s project was to rebuild my desktop.  I am using the same desktop that I bought while we were living in Peekskill or possibly while we were still living in New Jersey.  It is certainly several years old and I am pretty sure that I have never rebuilt it.  It has been running terribly slow and is full of old software that I have not used in a very, very long time.  Well overdue for a complete rebuild.  I am replacing the original hard drive with the new, high performance solid state drive that I bought today.  In theory that should really speed up my desktop considerably.  It will also cut power consumption and heat generation although my computer uses several hard drives so it will only help a little.  In my little, unvented office space every little bit makes a big difference.  I can’t wait until solid state drives are three or four times the capacity that they are today.  My new drive is only 60GB.

The rebuild went all evening.  I got Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 installed and all of the updates downloaded and applied but that was about it.  It takes forever to do a fresh build.  Tomorrow I will be working on getting all of my software downloaded again and installed.  I use a ton of software.  This is no small task.

We watched some Star Trek: Voyager together as a family.  Once in a while Liesl really gets into it.  We watched one episode tonight that had some children in it and Liesl was riveted.  She sat on my lap for a while and snuggled and just watched the show.

Liesl actually put herself to bed tonight around eleven.  She came to me and told me that she wanted to go to bed.  A good sign of maturity.  If only I could do that now.

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