September 18, 2011: First Homework Done in a While

Medifast Status: Day 139, Down ~58.5lbs

I slept in quite a bit this morning.  Dominica was up at seven thirty but I did not get up for another two hours.  Oreo was in a “needing his daddy” mood since yesterday and there is just no way to resist a snugly Boston Terrier.  I needed the sleep anyway, both from the week and from exercising last night.  I still felt it a little bit this morning when I got up.

Today was another busy day.  I had to work for the office quit a bit and I had a lot of homework for RIT that needed my attention.  Hardly a way to have a relaxing weekend.

I did get some time with the family.  In between things I would come out and hang out in the play room.  Oreo really needed me today.  Whenever I would sit down he would climb up in my lap.  Maybe he is not feeling well.

I had to work much of the day and my homework this evening turned into quite a project.  I put in three or four solid hours in my office just trying to get my work done late this evening.  It was exhausting.  At least I got everything turned in that was needed.  Or so I think.

It was a tiring day.  I’m not sure that I got any relaxing done, really.

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