September 19, 2011: No, I Love YOU

Medifast Status: Day 140, Down ~58.5lbs

Got up early this morning for a meeting that never happened.  That is rather annoying.  It ended up being two skipped meetings this morning.  What a waste of time.  Very frustrating for everyone when the organizer of a meeting is the one that decides to skip.  How important could it really have been?

Early this morning I needed some coffee and felt like a walk so I walked down to the French cafe on the corner, a decent walking distance, and sat outside listening to my book for a little while drinking my coffee and enjoying the now much cooler Texas weather.

So I got into the office and wasn’t there for very long before Dominica decided that she did not have anything to eat in the house ready for us today so she came to the office and picked me up and we went with the girls to La Cima.  It was an interesting meal today, kind of a seafood and fish stew that was boiled down and a spinach casserole.

After work I decided to just relax tonight with the family.  We got very little time together over the weekend so it was nice to just relax tonight.  Tomorrow is going to be extra busy with morning meetings at six, seven and eight in the morning.  The meetings during lunch too.

Luciana was an insomniac this evening.  She napped a little here and there but very little and did not go to bed until after Liesl and I did at around eleven!  That is not good for the baby.

We are still watching Voyager.  We are nearly through the third season.  Good stuff.  Liesl was very affectionate tonight.  One of her new games is the “No! I love YOU!” game that she plays after you tell her that you love her.  It is so sweet.

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