September 20, 2011: Very Long Day

Medifast Status: Day 141, Down ~58.5lbs

Had another early morning meeting today.  And, as we had guessed, the organizer did not show up.  We would have been pretty surprised if he had shown up at this point.  But we figured he might show up and act like nothing was wrong.  Nope.

At seven I had a phone conference with my team members from my master’s class at RIT.  We spent half an hour or so discussing what we were going to do about our team project.

And another meeting, same story.  It’s going to be a long day, no way around that now.  It has been a stressful week too.

Time was tight for lunch today as there are meetings at one this afternoon so Nicki and I went to La Cima and grabbed lunch before running back for our meetings.  Two more meetings in the early afternoon.

Lots of stuff going on today.  Just one of those days that happens sometimes.  This evening we ended up having a last minute meetings so it feels like my entire day has been meetings.  But lots of stuff getting done.

I got to watch a demo tonight on using SugarCRM for ticketing.  Nothing too exciting but it looks like it does the basics pretty decently.  It is certainly faster than SpiceWorks.  Neither has the style of interface or usability that I would like to see, however, considering both are free, that says a lot.

It was a very long day.  I was totally worn out tonight.  We watched a little Voyager and were off to bed.

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