September 21, 2011: Cocktails and Connections

Medifast Status: Day 142, Down ~58.5lbs

Things are a bit quieter today.  Not quiet, but better.  Things have been calming down.  I worked from home this morning since things have been so crazy this week so that I could see the girls a little more.  Then the family went to La Cima for an early lunch.  It was a tight schedule so we had to go early and kind of rush but at least we managed to eat together.  We had thought that there was going to be a different menu today than there was.  We had read the email menu incorrectly but it was still pretty good.

I had to go to the office after lunch.  Today was the FOMC call which I need to be around to cover, hence why we had to hurry to eat our lunches.  The call was at a quarter after one and goes for roughly half an hour.  So I worked from the office until the end of the day when I had to return over to La Cima to work with the Young Executive’s Board to host our new Cocktails and Connections event that we will be doing every Wednesday during Happy Hour at the club.

Cocktails and Connections went quite well.  We had a good turn out and people had a good time.  It starts at five and officially goes until seven and then many of the people involved liked to do dinner together since it is the $1.99 Pasta Night as well but I was not able to stay for that.  I stayed until just after seven thirty then went home.

I barely got to see Luciana tonight.  She was in bed within thirty minutes of my arrival at home.  She goes to bed way too early in the evenings.

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