September 22, 2011: New Office in the Playroom

Medifast Status: Day 143, Down ~58.5lbs

Nothing eventful this morning.  I needed that. It’s been a very long week.  I went into the office and did, pretty much, nothing.  After I was around for a little while I drove over to Tuscan Villas and picked up Nicki and we went to the French cafe on the corner for some coffee before returning to the office.  The weather has been awesome so I have been trying to take advantage of the opportunity to be outside for what little bit that that actually works out.  It has been such a hot summer that we have really missed out on chances to be outside.

In retrospect, however, this was the perfect summer for us to have not been able to have gotten our lawn or atrium completed as it was so hot that we could not have possibly used either one of them anyway.  Had we invested that money this year we would have been very unhappy.

I came home for lunch and Dominica made a lasagna dish.  We ate and watched an episode of Voyager.  While I had some time watching the show I worked on getting a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine built as my goal for this evening is to get SharePoint 2010 Foundation up and running.

Back at work, quiet afternoon.  Managed to leave at a good time.

This evening we decided that we needed to realize that we are using the den / play room extremely impractically and that no matter how much we wish that we could live in an ideal world, we do not, and there is just no way that we can reasonably function without having a desk in there at which a computer can be used.  My laptop, the only one left as Dominica’s has been destroyed, is getting ruined rapidly from being used in that room and taking all kinds of abuse and there is just no easy place to sit and use it anyway.  So we had to figure something out.

We took down the sheets that have been protecting that room from the heat, we took the stand alone air conditioning unit out, we vacuumed, we scrubbed the floors and we moved in the computer desk that has been in Luciana’s room since before there was a Luciana.  The desk actually works pretty well in that room.  It also fixes a major problem that we were having with space in Luciana’s room, not that she is using it yet, and it fixes a space issue in my office because Dominica’s office chair moved out to the play room as well.  Dominica plans to use the space for “school” too.  So this is looking like it is going to work out well.

It took pretty much the entire evening but I got the SharePoint 2010 server up and running just minutes before it was time to head off to bed.  It took way too much time but at least I got something accomplished this evening.  I ordered some new SharePoint books today as well which are supposed to arrive on Saturday.  Dominica is going to be doing work on SharePoint so we wanted to get the books and get the test system up and running for her so that she could work with something sooner rather than later.

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