September 24, 2011: C25K Day Two

Medifast Status: Day 145, Down ~60.5lbs

This is our weekend at home.  Next weekend Dominica and the girls are going to go to Houston while I stay home to work on homework and other things that need my attention.  I don’t have a lot of free time while working on my Masters so I need some quiet time to get things done.

Today was mostly relaxing.  We did some work, some cleaning, some relaxing.  No one really went anywhere.  I did some class work today too.  This International Project Management class that I am doing keeps me a bit busier than most classes that I have taken.

I did have to work for the office today but very little.  I’d say less than an hour total.  No big deal.

This evening I went out jogging again.  I am doing Week 3 Day 2 of the program tonight.  I’m going through them much faster than Dominica and Francesca are.  I’m hoping that doing then at a fast, but reasonable, pace will let me catch up pretty quickly.

I have been going out jogging late at night after everyone goes to sleep.  That seems to work out pretty well although it is really hard jogging when you cannot see where your feet are going.  That is a little dangerous.  And I am hoping that I don’t end up stepping on any lizards.  I see them scurry away pretty frequently on the rare occasion of there being some amount of light.

I really need some way to hold my iPhone.  I have to jog with it in my hand and that really does not work.  It is hurt my arms and throwing off my stride because I can’t swing one of my arms like the other.  Very awkward.  And it makes me warmer than necessary since one of my hands cannot ventilate properly.

We will be home tomorrow.  Nothing planned except for homework.

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