September 8, 2011: Off of the Plateau

Medifast Status: Day 129, Down ~55.5lbs

So our second summer in Texas turned out to be the hottest summer that Texas has ever seen and the second hottest summer ever seen in the US losing out to Oklahoma which was just barely hotter than us this summer.  July was the hottest single month in Texas history.  And I made it all summer without air conditioning in my car.

After several days of slow loss today I clocked in at 1.5lbs lost since yesterday!  That is awesome.  I am finally off of the weight loss plateau, I think.  I am starting to really lose again and can see progress day to day.  Breaking the fifty pound barrier was really tough but now sixty seems like no big deal. I only have twenty eight pounds to go until I reach my originally stated target weight.  Although I plan to continue past that a little bit once I get there.  I doubt that I will want to stop there.  But no matter what I am past the halfway point of my total weight loss.  At most I imagine that I might want to lose as much as forty three more pounds, but that is all.  That will put me at my high school weight senior year which is probably good enough.

I went home for lunch.  Dominica made her Buffalo Chicken (vegetarian chicken, of course) salad which is one of my favourite meals under Medifast and we watched an episode of Voyager before I ran back to the office.  It was a busy morning and a moderately busy afternoon.

After work I had to run over to La Cima.  Today was the first meeting of the Young Executives Board which most likely we will be naming “The 26” or something similar.  The Young Execs have been effectively disbanded for the past year so it is nice to get the ball rolling again.  We have a lot of fun when we are together but never seem to have any events.  So we are going to be working hard to change that.

It was a nice evening but Dominica was having a rough day with the girls so I needed to get home as early as I could to relive her of sole babysitter duty.

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