November 18, 2011: Day 200

Medifast Status: Day 200, Down ~70lbs

Day two hundred on Medifast!  That is crazy.

It was a nice day today, cool but warm enough to be able to sit outside.  Jen and I were able to go to the cafe today and have our coffee outside.  She didn’t even wear a jacket although I thought that it was cool enough that I was glad to be in a fleece.

Work went a little bit late today and it was nearly eight in the evening when I was able to get home and get the family loaded up and get on the road so that we could drive down to Houston for the weekend.  We are doing the Tocco Sibling Thanksgiving tomorrow evening so we are going down there tonight.  Then Francesca and the kids are coming back up to Dallas with us on Sunday to spend the week in Dallas.

I’ve had too much food recently so I am attempting to cut back a little.  I skipped dinner tonight and Dominica was just going to get food while on the drive.  We swung into Panda Express but they were completely out of shrimp!  So much for that.  Now Dominica has to figure out where to get food.

We ended up finding a Subway on the drive and Min got a salad there with tunafish salad which was pretty tasty and decently “on plan.”  So that was not all that bad.  In reality the salad was probably a better option than eating the fried shrimp at Panda Express.

The drive was not bad but it was pretty late when we arrived at the Grices’.  Liesl slept well in the car and had way too much energy once we got there.

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