December 2, 2011: Well Into Dragon Age II

Medifast Status: Day 214, Down ~70lbs

Today was a slow day at work.  I had to go in early because of Non-Farm Payroll announcements so I was in the office at seven.  The NFP was good and America has a lot more people working this month that we had previously believed. That is a good economic indicator.

After the numbers were done the morning was nice and slow.  We are only a week away from the winter financial freeze so certain aspects of work are slowing down even as other people are panicked to get the final changes in before we “take a month off.”

I went home for a late lunch and decided to just call it a day and spend the rest of Friday at home with the family.  I still had to work but at least I was at home with them.  Since I went in early this morning and I have the deployments tonight it really is not an issue.

This afternoon was pretty slow at work but my deployments lasted a really long time, until around eight or so.  That was annoying.  So even while it was slow it was actually a thirteen hour day for me which is a bit tiring.

Being home I got to spend some time with Luciana who sleep through so much of my time at home.  Our schedules really do not mesh very well.  She wakes up just in time for me to get ready to go to work, she is often asleep if I come home for lunch and she goes to bed about an hour after I get home in the evening.  So it is really nice to be home during the day and get to see her a little.

This evening, once work was finally done, I got to start really playing Dragon Age II.  I was a few hours into it already and tonight got me to around the eighteen hour point.  I am really into the meat of the game now and Dominica is really enjoying getting to watch me play.  I have a feeling that she is going to skip playing it herself just because she has seen so much of it with me playing.

Liesl is really enjoying DA2 as well.  She loves to sit with me on the couch and watch or do her own thing.  We are getting a lot more time together now because of the game.  She calls it the “dinosaur game” and calls all of the bad creatures dinosaurs but she recognizes spiders, dragons and other nasties in the game and points them out.  It made for a nice evening.

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