December 19, 2011: First Day Alone

Medifast Status: Day 230, Down ~72lbs

I slept in a little with my snuggly Oreo.  No need to get into the office much before nine during the holidays.  There is just nothing to do.  So getting a little extra sleep is nice and Oreo appreciates the company.

Oreo is loving having the house to himself.  He would prefer if there was someone around all day but he prefers having no one there to having lots of chaos.  He gets a lot of sleep and always seems to have his healthy and temperament improve during these stretches.  Little kids are very hard for an old, blind Boston Terrier to handle.

It was warmer again today with light rain on and off.  It was dark and drizzly all day mixed with the occasional serious rain from time to time. There is some light flooding going on all over.

I went home at lunch and ended up spending the entire time on the phone.  At least it was a productive lunch time.

Back to the office for a slow afternoon.  I spoke to Dominica and she and Francesca were out for an exciting afternoon of eye doctor appointments in Houston.  Dominica got an eye exam which she has been desperately needing for some time and decided to get herself contacts today.

My commute home was terrible today.  Instead of twelve minutes it took fifty.  The roads were all at a stand still – presumably because everyone panics in the rain.  Pretty silly.  There is hardly any rain.  Although, to be fair, there is quite a bit of standing water on the roads and you do hit some pretty massive puddles without much warning on a regular basis.

I stayed in tonight.  Did some work, watched a little of the first season of How I Met Your Mother, decided that I just was not in the mood for a video game and then spent a little over an hour working out with the Wii Fit Plus.  I had a good workout tonight.  I really need to get into a routine of doing this every day.  I enjoy the Wii Fit workout just because it is interactive and provides an automated recording of my activities.

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