December 3, 2011: Dragon Age Weekend

Medifast Status: Day 215, Down ~70lbs

I have decided that this weekend is going to be my blow-off, video game intense, Dragon Age II weekend.  I slept in a bit today and then got up and went straight for the PlayStation.  I have nothing really pressing that requires my attention this weekend so I am going to just take it easy.  I am going to pay for this come Monday but it has been a really long time since I had a “video game weekend” and I am taking the opportunity while it is presenting itself.

I got in a ton of Dragon Age today.  I went from something like eighteen hours to thirty hours in the game.  Instead of being near the beginning of the game I am now heading solidly towards the end.

I watched the girls this evening for a while while Dominica went out shopping.  I got to do some cleaning too.  The house is looking much better.  The living room is all clean and vacuumed.

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