December 4, 2011: Beautiful Rain

Medifast Status: Day 216, Down ~70lbs

I managed to sleep in a little today as well.  This weekend has been really nice.  No page outs from work, no big project needing my attention.  At least nothing that can’t wait for tomorrow.

The weather has been just amazing the last few days.  Texas rarely gets the cold, dreary weather that I love so much but since Friday we have been completely overcast, chill and non-stop drizzle with short interruptions of real rain.  It is wonderful.  We have to wear fleeces and wrap up in blankets – especially in the play room which is uninsulated and has half of its walls exposed to the outside and is all windows.  Being a slab floor also means that our feet are tremendously cold at all times.

The whole family spent the day in the play room.  We just stayed in and did nothing.  It was glorious.  I got a ton of time with my girls and we played Dragon Age II all day.  By the end of the day I was forty-one hours in to the game and nearly done with it.  I tried to stay up late to complete it but that ended up not being reasonable and I had to go to bed.  I hope to be able to finish it tomorrow.

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