January 10, 2012: Getting Back to Normal Post Holidays

Medifast Status: Day 252, Down ~72lbs

We are slowly getting back to normal life after the holidays.  We only have three more days until the Grices come up from Houston for the weekend so all of our house work as to be completed quickly.

I ended up working from home today.

Dominica started doing more house painting today.  The first stage was to begin painting the main hallway.  That went pretty quickly and the difference in the house is amazing.  We never realized before just how dark that hallway is but once the light, modern paint went on it (and we replaced a burned out light bulb) it really brightened up.  It is like a completely new hallway.

Dominica only got half of the hallway painted today but wow, what a difference. It also really makes a difference because that wall of the hallway is the most visible from the main part of the house and had the large patch of any of the walls from the electrical work done many months ago.  It looked awful because the patch was never painted over.  So this fixed that in addition to being a fresh coat of paint.

I can see very quickly that the house is going to be increasing in value very quickly.  I’m surprised that they never painted it and did some of this basic stuff before selling it before.  Maybe they would have and just never got to it.  We have done a lot to improve the house already.

This evening we went out to kids’ night at Brookhaven on the early side but ended up being there in an unexpected crowed.  It probably took us twenty minutes to get a seat.  The place was completely packed and for a restaurant doing a buffet that is pretty surprising.

The kids went to bed early tonight.  Luciana’s schedule is starting to change.  Her regular naps during the day are starting to dissipate.  Pretty soon she is going to be keeping Dominica running all day long.  Liesl was pretty tired and was able to go to sleep on the early side.

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