January 11, 2012: Rug Doctoring

Medifast Status: Day 253, Down ~73lbs

I finally weighed in down another pound!  This has taken forever.  I am really anxious to get this diet back on track but boy has it been hard.  The holidays make it such a struggle and now I am in to the habit of eating food that I shouldn’t.  That is going to be really hard to break myself of.

Today was a pretty normal day.  Dominica did some more painting.  The main hallway is now completely painted as is the one wall in Liesl’s room.  Liesl has been very excited to get a wall painted pink and she went with Dominica, I believe yesterday, to Lowe’s to pick out the paint that she wanted on her wall.  So three walls remain purple, the lavender-like shade that came with the house, and now one wall has a fresh coat of pink paint.

The hallway being done looks great.  So bright and new.  Really improves the look of the house.  The bar is the last remaining piece of this current round of painting.  Luciana’s room is going to get a pink wall as well but that is held off until after the Grice family visits this weekend since they need to be able to use that room and having wet paint is a bit of a pain.

The Rug Doctor arrived today!  We are very excited.  The living room was already empty so I went ahead and Rug Doctored the entire living room.  Now the floor is very wet.  That will take some time to dry.  We wanted to get it done before the Grices came with plenty of time to dry.  We have about fifty hours before they will get here so that should be enough.

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