January 9, 2012: London, Not Warsaw

Medifast Status: Day 251, Down ~72lbs

Today is my first day back in the office after the freeze.  Our team has a holiday lunch scheduled today as we were unable to get everyone together during the holidays themselves as people are out of the office almost continuously during the seasons.

We went to Blue Ginger, the Thai restaurant that Dominica, Liesl and I ate at our first night in Irving over two years ago.  The owner still knows me and lunch was very good.  I went off diet for lunch and had some amazing fried rice.  Oh how I miss fried rice.  Before we went on the Medifast diet, fried rice from Blue Ginger and Coconut Thai Grill were major components of my diet.

So our big news for the day is that I got approved to do my office time in Europe from London rather than from Warsaw.  This changes everything in our plans for the trip.  It will save us a fortune in flight and hotel costs but now we have to start our planning process over again.  We have a lot more flexibility now in our travel plans and we can begin our trip wherever we want rather than knowing that we are in Warsaw for several days and figuring out where to go from there.

We were originally locked into flying into Warsaw and staying there for several days – which was going to suck because Dominica and the girls were pretty much going to be stuck in a hotel room for several days doing nothing.  That was not going to be fun and it was not going to be cheap either.  Flights to Warsaw were a lot more expensive than to elsewhere in Europe and the hotels there were not particularly cheap, partially because it is the business district of a large city rather than a rural area like we will be staying in for much of our trip.

So now we can start anywhere that we want and just need to be in London during specific days.  So at least we have a “pivot point” in our schedule that coincides with the last days that I will be working out of the office and once my time in London is done then I go straight into my furlough time and we are free to go completely off of the grid.

We did some paint planning tonight too and now have a pretty good idea of what we are going to be painting the majority of the house.

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