January 12, 2012: Belgium Plans

Medifast Status: Day 254, Down ~73lbs

I stayed home from work again today.  I’ve been home nearly all week.  Not a lot of need to be in the office.  No one is there for me to see so it is pretty silly to be sitting there all alone attempting to work when I could be just as productive from home and not have to pay to drive in and back twice a day (because I always come home during lunch to see the girls.)

The floor in the living room is still pretty wet today but it is looking pretty good.  The Rug Doctor definitely does not get out the stains like my boiling bleach water method does – because the hot water does not sit for five to ten minutes on the floor working its chemical magic.  So it looks like I will need to do that a bit more on the toughest spots.  But the Rug Doctor does a good job of getting the floor to look more even as it hits everything.

Our plan is to start doing the Rug Doctor once a month until the floors are really clean and then moving into a seasonal schedule of doing the entire house four times a year.  Overall, though, the carpet looks great.

Our friend Andrew stopped by this evening to do some computer training and Dominica used the opportunity to pick his brain about places to go while we are in Belgium.  So he was at the house for a while.  He is going to be in Belgium with us for a little bit and we might reschedule things so that we are there for about a week all together.  He has friends all over Belgium and knows everywhere to go.  So we will get a guided tour of the country.

It is looking like our latest plan is that we are going to fly into Germany and spend a lot of time in Belgium skipping the Alsace and only seeing Germany briefly.  We will get a lot of time to get to know Belgium though.  That will be nice.  I much prefer staying in one spot and getting to know it really well rather than zipping from place to place trying to see and do everything and not ever getting a feel for anywhere.

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